Consult With Barry Cooper and Win Your Drug Case!

No arrest is too big or too small. Review the information below to find out more.

During the video or telephone consultation Barry will analyze your drug case for mistakes and discuss strategies to help you through the nightmare.

Barry will use his experience as a former drug agent to:

  • Ascertain if your lawyer is doing either his/her job or is selling you down the road.
  • Highlight the mistakes the police made during your search and arrest.
  • Give you valuable tips to relay to your lawyer so he can give you the best defense possible.
  • Ascertain if the police used an informant and identify who it is.
  • Help decide if your court case is winnable or if you should take a plea.
  • Give you advice on how to get the best plea deal possible.
  • Provide insights into your drug court case that your lawyer does not have or will not tell you.
  • Be a certified expert witness when necessary.

All drug case consultations have no time limit. The average consultation takes 2 to 3 hours

The total consultation cost is $210.00 USD
Within 24 hours of receiving payment, Barry’s office will contact you to confirm the set appointment.

To win, you must know exactly where you are during the complicated court process. There are only 7 steps to all drug prosecutions and it’s very important to know each step.

  • Step 1: The Arrest

  • Step 2: Posting Bond

  • Step 3: Lawyering Up

  • Step 4: Obtaining the Discovery (evidence)

  • Step 5: Suppression Hearing

  • Step 6: The Trial

  • Step 7: Plea Bargain

Lawyers RARELY teach their clients these steps. Most of them want their clients to be confused and afraid. This allows them to pressure their client into a premature plea bargain.

Learn these 7 steps and you will never “wonder” or “feel lost” during the horrible ordeal of navigating your drug case.

Click Here to Learn More About These 7 Steps

  • Barry was once one of the nation’s top drug enforcement officers. After an enormous shift in consciousness, he now works as an addiction specialist, freedom consultant, and criminal defense expert witness.
  • Barry has made hundreds of drug arrests and has practiced as a criminal defense expert for over a decade. He has guest lectured and helped thousands of lawyers develop defense strategies to help their drug clients go free.
  • Barry uses his past experience to expertly counter the court’s attempt to prosecute citizens for drug crimes. He knows all the tricks drug cops and courts use to doom the defendant.
  • The fastest way to go to prison unnecessarily is to fall into the sucker’s trap of plea bargaining a defendable case. Over 50% of people placed on probation wind up in prison. According to NeverGetBusted attorneys, probation should be one of the last resorts to resolve your drug case – not the first.
  • Barry can help you win your drug case.
Barry is a certified expert witness but he is not a lawyer and does not give legal advice. All legal advice will be given by your lawyer or one of NeverGetBusted’s attorneys. 

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    Barry starred with Woody Harrelson, 50 Cent, Eminem, and Susan Sarandon in the anti-drug war documentary, “How To Make Money Selling Drugs”. Watch the excerpt below that features NeverGetBusted freeing prisoners and defendants. 

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