By former narcotics agent Barry Cooper
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I am a former narcotics agent who passed over twenty drug tests without abstaining. I will teach you how to pass a drug test. In this article, you will learn how to pass blood, hair, saliva, and urine tests. It is easy to pass a drug test if you use the right products and know what to do.

If you are in immediate need of passing a drug test, the best detox drinks, synthetic urine kits, and hair follicle shampoos can be purchased at Macujo. The reason I promote Macujo products is that they work and tens of thousands of my fans will agree.

How to Pass A Urine Test

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no cost to you, we will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. The commission is then put back into NeverGetBusted to allow Barry to carry on with his humanitarian initiative.

If you are actively smoking marijuana and you are facing a drug test, it is natural to be stressed and daunted. Once you have used my methods for the first time then you will be a lot more comfortable and less stressed when faced with another test. Ultra Synthetic Urine Kit is the best to use when trying to beat a drug test for employment.

They are the worst for court-ordered testing because courts always require an observer when providing a urine sample. Most employers do not require you to be observed while providing a urine sample, unlike a court-ordered one where you will have to do a supervised drug test.

For employment testing, the only risk is covertly pouring the synthetic urine into the collection cup. This is easy if you are not being watched which is usually the case. I advise you to ask around to learn how your employer administers a urine test so you will know for sure.

There is a 100% legit powdered urine I recommend for passing urine drug tests. My readers have purchased tons of it and it is available online here. All reports say it works wonderfully and there have been no complaints. If time allows, I recommend total abstinence from any drug use but hey there’s nothing wrong with smoking marijuana.

Detox Drinks

Supreme Klean Ultra Mask Detox Drink is my specialty. The administrator of my urine drug tests always watched the urine go in the cup because all my drug tests were court-ordered.

If you are smoking marijuana and looking for something fast that works, the premium detox drinks are at Macujo and by far the best on the market when it comes to detox products.

They do overnight shipping. I trust these detox drinks to get you the best result. You may not always have time to order and prepare powdered urine before you are required to take a test.

In this case, the easiest and best method is to go to the nearest head shop (smoke shop, pipe shop, novelty store) in the jurisdiction you are providing the sample and ask the clerk for the most powerful detoxifier everyone is using.

Because of strict laws prohibiting the sale of systems that aid in passing a test, it’s important not to use words such as “drug test” “probation” or “employment.

If you use these words, it is likely the clerk will refuse to sell you the detoxifier because she suspects you are an undercover agent trying to sting the store. Follow the directions EXACTLY as instructed in the packaging of these detox drinks and you will pass every time. Just like I did.

For self-confidence and just to make sure, test yourself with a home drug testing kit before submitting a urine sample to the government or your employer. This is the only way you can be sure when it counts. Come off the marijuana for as long as you can before the supervised drug test.

Do Detox Drinks Work?

How Do I Pass A Court-Ordered Drug Test?

Using Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Kit, simulated penises or another person’s urine will work for job-ordered tests. These methods will not work for a court-ordered test because you will be monitored while giving the sample. Court test administrators always watch the urine go into the cup.

You will immediately be arrested if the officer notices a fake penis, balloon, or anything unnatural. You will be charged with “tampering” and the urine sample will be considered dirty. The officer will pre-test the urine after he or she is certain the collected sample came from your body.

If it’s clean, the urine is flushed and will not be sent to a costly lab for further testing. If the pre-test is “dirty,” the sample will be sent to a laboratory for more sophisticated testing. Depending on your situation, the cops may arrest you until the lab results are returned.

It can take days to get the results since it’s a government lab testing your sample. If used properly, the detox drinks always trick the pre-test and often trick the labs.

How To Pass A Drug Blood Test

Unlike other drug tests, your options for passing a blood drug test are very limited. Your only real chance of passing is quitting ASAP and using a detoxifier before you are asked to go in for your supervised drug test.

Macujo detox drinks for a supervised drug test are very high quality and somewhat expensive. In this game, you get what you pay for. A high-quality, well-priced detox program costs much less than losing your job or potential jail time.

Make sure to read and follow the instructions exactly as they are written. Do not forget to call the customer service reps if you have questions. It’s not a trap and they are very helpful.

I want people to pass the first time and be able to keep their family or lifestyle in a manner they are used to and it gives me great comfort that I can give you guidance and recommendations on what to do and use.

How To Pass A Saliva Drug Test

Mouth swab tests are less common than urine & blood drug tests because it is very easy to cheat the saliva test. You simply need to be prepared if your employer or the courts order a saliva-supervised drug test. 

The oral test is done with a quick mouth testing kit to collect your saliva. They love to jam the cotton swab in all the little corners of your mouth so having good oral hygiene before testing is very important.

Make sure to brush your whole mouth. During aggressive saliva testing, plaque can cover some toxins only to break free at the last second. The administrator will usually test your sample on-site and will only send it to the lab if you fail.

It takes a special mouthwash to beat the saliva test. I have never heard of home remedies working consistently. Yes, hard brushing your teeth can do the trick unless it’s in your saliva glands.

Regular mouthwash won’t help you succeed and the alcohol contained in most rinses can cause you to fail. Things like gargling vinegar, cranberry, or onion juice will just cover it up. You’re much better off just brushing well and using the regular mouthwash; as the weird scent might inspire them to test you another way.

The only thing I recommend using, in this case, is Supreme Klean Saliva Detox Mouthwash specially formulated for removing drug toxins. This mouthwash is available in a convenient, easy-to-stash packet and works within minutes of use.

I always kept a stock of this particular mouthwash.  The bottle is small and the label comes off quickly. It is easy to use and almost impossible to get caught. Simply go to the bathroom before the test.

Using the mouthwash will give you a two-hour window to pass the drug test. Do not drink anything after using the wash because it could hurt your chances of passing.

Important note about mouth swab testing!

Always test yourself first.

How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test

The dreaded hair drug test. They say it can see everything you have consumed for the last 3 months. You are probably freaking out; wondering how to pass a hair-supervised drug test. How can you outwit the tester?

The idea is to “wash away” or compromise the trapped detectable toxins in your follicle with as little damage to your hair as possible. The lab will take at least 1.5 inches or about 3 months of hair.

If the collector is nice and you have long hair, they will usually take the hair sample from someplace that will be hard to see – usually the back of the head.

You can purchase detox shampoos from the same head shops if a hair sample is required. I have passed three hair follicle tests using Macujo Aloe Rid Old Formula Shampoo. Each time I started using the detox kit shampoo at least 6 days before my drug test.

The timeline is 3-10 days. The more you spread out the usage, the less damage it does to your hair. Do not go longer than 10 days as it may not work properly. Make sure you get the old version. There is a big difference apparently and though I never tried the new one, I have heard it dries out your hair a lot more.

If you have been a sporadic or very light user, you can just use Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo. It comes with Aloe Rid as a last layer of protection to be used on the day of the test. Zydot Ultra Clean is not strong enough for a regular user as it only covers the use rather than removing the toxins. If you only had a few joints, using Zydot Ultra Clean may be enough.  

Follow the directions EXACTLY and you will prevail.

Bleaching Your Hair

Shaving Your Head

Make Sure You Pass

How To Pass A Supervised Drug Test For Marijuana

Assuming you skipped the rest of the page to get here, you need to know a couple of things to pass your marijuana drug test. Unless something crazy happened you are probably facing the basic drug urine test and you won’t be watched.

In this case, we recommend a synthetic urine kit to pass a marijuana drug test. This is absolutely the best method and will work 100% of the time in these situations. 

Our fans have used these kits with excellent results after smoking marijuana and I would only recommend a product that works and we love the feedback we get.

Smoking marijuana is a great way to relax and therefore knowing these methods makes taking a drug test a lot less stressful.  Knowing there are products out there that can assist you in passing a marijuana drug test eases the mind.

Three Ways To Pass A Drug Test For Meth

There are three ways to pass a supervised drug test for meth. These even work for the more difficult court-mandated tests.

  1. Wait until your body naturally clears from meth. The meth will eventually leave your system but can take a few weeks for most people.
  2. Try Urban Legends and other home remedies. These tricks have been running around before the internet made them so popular. Use caution because these home remedies were made for a different time. They may not work with modern lab methods. Always test yourself first to ensure the home remedy you chose works.
  3. Detox products are a very good choice. Macujo has the best detox products on the market. No person deserves to go to jail for a supervised drug test for having traces of a substance in their body.
An image of marijuana, showing a close-up of dried cannabis buds. The buds are green with orange hairs and covered in frosty white trichomes. The texture appears dense and sticky, with visible details of the plant's natural structure. The background is neutral, keeping the focus on the marijuana buds.

How Long Do Drugs Stay In Your System?

There are lots of factors that determine how long a drug like marijuana will stay in your system. The list is large including metabolism, hydration, body mass, and frequency of drug use. Keep in mind that these numbers may vary from person to person:-

  • Alcohol: 3 to 5 days in urine, around 12 hours in your blood, 1 to 5 days in saliva, and up to 90 days in hair.
  • Amphetamines: 1 to 4 days in urine, around 12 hours in your blood, 1 to 5 days in saliva, and up to 90 days in hair.
  • Benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax, Klonopin…): 1 to 6 weeks in urine, 1 to 3 days in your blood. 1 to 10 days in saliva and up to 90 days in hair.
  • Cannabis: 2 to 90 days in urine, 2 days in your blood, 1 to 10 days in saliva, and 90 to 120 days in hair.
  • Cocaine: 2 to 30 days in urine, 1 to 2 days in your blood, 1 to 10 days in saliva, and up to 90 days in hair.
  • Codeine: 2 to 4 days in urine, 12 hours in your blood, 1 to 4 days in saliva, and up to 90 days in hair.
  • Heroin: 2 to 4 days in urine, up to 12 hours in your blood, 1 to 4 days in saliva, and up to 90 days in hair.
  • LSD: 1 to 3 days in urine,  3 hours in your blood, 1 to 2 days in saliva, and up to 90 days in hair.
  • MDMA (ecstasy): 2 to 5 days in urine, 1 to 2 days in your blood, 1 to 5 days in saliva, and up to 90 days in hair.
  • Methamphetamine (crystal meth): 1 to 6 days in urine, 1 to 3 days in your blood, 1 to 4 days in saliva, and up to 90 days in hair.
  • Methadone: 3 to 12 days in urine,  24 to 36 hours in your blood, 1 to 10 days in saliva, and up to 90 days in hair.
  • Morphine: 2 to 4 days in urine, 12 hours in your blood, 1 to 4 days in saliva, and up to 90 days in hair.

Use With Confidence

Through personal experience, I have found these to be some of the best products on the market to pass a marijuana drug test. This is through trial and error with different suppliers and feedback from our fans on product quality and support.  Macujo came out top in all areas.

The small percentage of revenue we receive from the sale of the products is put straight back into NeverGetBusted so we can do more good work on drug information, assisting drug addiction and PTSD cases.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Peace, Love, and NeverGetBusted.

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    1. That’s slot of good info but I don’t have the money to buy the drinks and I have a urine test tomorrow morning for Pre-Trial and I’m freaking out. I smoked coke Thursday evening into early morning hours on Friday. But I’m also on Suboxone, adderall

  1. if you have job and children to feed don’t do drugs, simple as that. if its alcohol test and work Monday to Friday, drink on Friday at home and start drink gallons of water, banana and soup on Sunday to detox.

  2. For true healing that occurs, your body must bbe saturated with cannabinoids, andd also at this concentration, this type off saturation iis achievable.
    These are a few samples of tthe countless incredible possibilities which might be developed wheen a person takss advantage of the resources of
    hemp products. Most pedople assuje that hemp is the sam thing as tthe Marijuana that’s smopked too oobtain high.

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  4. I know the real way to pass drug tests that nobody knows about , thats 2$ to buy at any local Wal-Mart , ive done it alot of times, I dont recommend Detox drinks, And what im talking about works for any situation , court ,job whatever besides blood or hair , but i also know a hair one too, Blood is no chance

      1. Sure gel ! You can get it from any grocery store! Mix it into water & drink it all. It’s gross but it works. Make sure you pee 3 times before the drug testing. I’m only certain it works for weed. Not sure about any other drug.

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  8. I have 24 hours and about 12-13 hours ago i took about .3 g of meth. What should I do. I can’t go back to jail or someone will kill me in there. I’m a victim of domestic violence and his sister was in my pod ready to kill me. So I can’t go back. Please help

  9. I smoke a little weed last month on the 8 an 9 I made smoke make lime two small blunt I have to report to parole tomorrow I am pretty sure I am getting drug test I was going to buy that detox drink rescue ice I hear some good an some bad about it I just don’t want it to red flag me cause some said it change the color of there pee how do you recommend that cause I don’t have time to order nothing

  10. Is this really true ? Does this really work thw shampoo hair detox and a detox drink to help you pass a urine test ? What is the detox drink called ? There are some out here that don’t even work. Like my friend he thought a detox would work fir a urine test, the detox he brought and tested didn’t work. So what detox drink is the real working stuff?

  11. @Cody Fincher I have to take an observed urine for probation by 7pm tommorrow! I used heroine today! PLEASE help me with your 2$ walmart method, I’m desperate! U can email me at or call me at 239/440/9958.

    1. I need to know how to pass urine test for heroin in less then 12hours. Being observed while taking test. Please help

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  13. Thanks this was very helpful I’m not a bad person but kinda slipped up for a few days a month ago and now gotta pass this test so I can keep my kids

  14. I’m 50 days clean and planning on staying clean but I’m facing a nail test in the next month or so is there anything I can do to clean my nails besides stall for time.

  15. I know someone who has used baking soda. Continues to use it to this day. It DOES work – no matter what ANYONE says on ANY forum. But… It has very specific parameters (with respect to TIME) which MUST be adhered to in order to pass. Additionally, it only works for meth, possibly coke, it will NOT work for weed or opiates. At least that is my understanding.

    Begin this 2 hrs before test time:
    1. Mix & drink 2 Tbsp in 8 oz H2O
    2. Pee at least 2x BEFORE testing
    3. You will probably experience some digestive discomfort (you’ll get the shits), so, stay close to the bathroom and have plenty of toilet paper in stock.
    4. Take the test WITHIN 2-3 hours of step #1

    It is VERY important that you PEE AT LEAST 2x BEFORE dropping your UA. That is the pee containing all the impurities, and you DON’T want to give THAT to the lab to test, do you?

    You may eat or drink whatever you want between #1 and #4, but, since you’ll have some uncontrollable urges to shit your brains out, food isn’t likely to be a priority on your mind. My friend found it difficult to pee and had to wait and wait and wait at the testing facility one time, so he found that drinking about 2 cups of COFFEE approx 30 minutes before testing helped in that it is a diuretic AND it will give you some color to your pee so you’re not accused of diluting (which usually counts as a positive).

    Just bear in mind that all people ARE different and what works for one may OR MAY NOT work for you. Good luck to ALL who find themselves under the twisted-ass thumb of our SERIOUSLY bloated, money hungry, and corrupt af judicial system.

    1. Thank God someone had the answer to the $2 Wal-Mart cure that someone previously posted, but I either missed somehow or he couldn’t or wouldn’t provide the information he so proudly (almost tauntingy) touted. Your answer and instructions are greatly appreciated by many of us.

  16. Hair folic test coming soon
    Aloe shampoo is very expensive for me at this time
    Any other shampoos just as effective
    Also I understand dawn dish soap and acne wash in the hair everyday for a week
    It pulls out everything in the hair
    Anyone here of that

  17. Aloe rid is to expensive for me at this time
    Any other that is just as effective immediately
    Also washing hair with dawn dish soap and acne treatment can strip the folic
    Anyone here that?

  18. Starting 2 hours before test, drink 2 gallons of ice tea, right up to time of test. Urinate twice, prior to 30 min before test, then take 2 asprin, after second urination.
    It causes the kidneys to shut down and directly flush any additional fluids through your system, so that no kidney toxins are expelled into urine. The tea keeps your urine yellow, while the asprin add ph levels to the yellow liquid your urinating.
    I’ve passed, when smoking, both meth and weed, morning of test.
    Good luck.
    Final note: Tea must be black tea, not green, ginsing, or any other than black, or regular ice tea.

    1. What about a breathalyzer test for marijuana? I have a drug test within the next week or so and have to do a urine and breath test. I smoke pretty much every day not counting the last 3 days.

    2. I was just notified that I have to take a hair follicle drug screen test. I have 3-5 days to get it done and the return of my kids back is at stake so ITS A MUST TO PASS IT or I will loose them for good. What can I do to guarantee I pass it?

    3. What’s up Barry how have you been doing probably don’t remember me but I no u from big Sandy I have been to your house my name is D. Sellers just saying high good to know you are still helping people.

    4. Barry I have not smoked since the first week of Feb. I thought I had a hair test on March 26 so I did the macujo method with the old style aloe rid to a tee 17 times only to show up and then get it postponed till the 29th of April I know for a fact it will be done on that day can I pass I’m freakn out

  19. What about people on a pain contract ? You need all your prescription in your system but No t h c what then? I have 23 days to do this all natural any suggestions? Thanks from a survivor of c p

  20. I was just notified that I have to take a hair follicle drug screen test. I have 3-5 days to get it done and the return of my kids back is at stake so ITS A MUST TO PASS IT or I will loose them for good. What can I do to guarantee I pass it?

  21. I used synthetic urine brand Mr. Greens’s Agent X. Have you heard about this brand? Do you know if it has a good success rate? It was the only brand available at my smoke shop. Also, I submitted it at 98 degrees. The temp strip read 98 on the Mr. Green’s bottle. Are the temp strips very accurate? I am very concerned. The test was a 10 panel point of collection test. Will it pick up on the synthetic urine? And still worried about the temp thing.

  22. Back in 2014, North Dakota courts gave (to some people) the option of wearing a drug patch instead of pee tests as a condition of release on bail. You swapped out the patch every 10 days ($50 a pop) vs peeing in a cup twice a week ($25 EA /$50 a week) The patch absorbs your sweat and would then be sent to a lab for testing. If positive they would arrest u next time u came in for a new patch. Anyone ever hear about this anywhere else in the US?

  23. Excellent post Barry! We are linking to this great post on our website.
    Keep up the great writing.

  24. If i only smoke weed every 8 weeks or so.which probably amounts to a joint cause I only have a couple of each joint.would i be ok to pass if i got asked say 3 to 4 days later?

  25. I have been told I have to take a urine drug test tomorrow I have used cocaine today and I really don’t have any cash to pass this test any recommendations please help

  26. I am on probation , and I get drug tested every month. I see my probation officer on Wednesday and I have to get clean before so I have 2 days to try anything to get clean can anyone help ? I get supervised while peeing so fake pee is not an option

  27. Hi I just took a drug test and passed it by using the Jazz detox however it made my urine clear as water so my po sent it to the lab will the lab pick up the detox or the thc if the instant cup didn’t please respond someone

  28. I would like to thank Barry for his compassionate heart and the miraculous change of events which have transformed him from a corrupt citizen and government agent into an outstanding citizen offering solutions to societal problems. I have always despised police due to the slimy tactics they use BUT for once I have found a cop (ex) that I like. Love ya man. Keep up the fight. ✌❤

  29. Hi, I am prescribed suboxone, n get DT once a month but I like to have fun by taking Adderall here and there. I was wondering if I Detox my body to get out the drugs ( which I stop taking the Adds. For about 2 or 3 days. But keep taking my Subs, will I still pee suboxone because it has to show up on my DT?

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