Barry Helps Mother Regain Custody Of Her Twins From Corrupt CPS

Update: After Kathy Sayers hired the NeverGetBusted Expert Witness firm, NGB published the following story.  In the article, NeverGetBusted peacefully exposed corruption within CPS (Child Protective Services) to reunite a family.  Sayers regained custody of her twins after the publishing.  If you or a loved one are suffering from an injustice, contact Barry Cooper and the NeverGetBusted team now. We are famous for freeing prisoners and defendants. Who is the better mom or which mom is worse? A) Kathy Sayers, a fully recovered methamphetamine user or B) Shari Hawkins, a binge drinking Child Protective Service supervisor who used her badge to take Sayer’s twin daughters while her own child suffered from a secret addiction to stealing guns, jewelry and panties, over 500 pair?   According to Petaluma Police Department spokesperson, Sergeant Paul Gilman, when police arrested Shari Hawkin’s son, Benjamin Hawkins, 18, on Oct. 21, he was riding a skateboard with five pairs of recently stolen underwear shoved down his pants. Police first began investigating Hawkins after a neighbor reported that two guns and her underwear had been stolen. Another neighbor told police they had seen Hawkins carrying a gun case around the same time. When police contacted him, he told police they could search his mother’s home, but not his bedroom. The police returned with a warrant that led them to two stolen guns, a 22 rifle and a double barrel shotgun, as well as stolen jewelry and more than 500 pairs of women’s underwear. “People started calling us saying, ‘I know that kid, he’s been in my house and my panties were stolen,’” Officer Gilman said. “ Gilman said Hawkins had stolen underwear from victims as young as 17 and from grandmothers. “What we’re looking at is someone with a fetish,” Gilman said, “but how he goes about that fetish is against the law.” It is unclear why one police officer, CPS supervisor Shari Hawkins, would not allow other police officers to search her home. One can assume she was trying to protect her son’s dark secret. Since the arrest, NeverGetBusted interviewed several neighbors who all wished to remain anonymous for fear of police retaliation. During the interviews, NeverGetBusted learned Mrs. Hawkins knew of her son’s weird behaviors but kept it hidden and buried during afterwork binge drinking episodes. One neighbor stated, “When she (Shari Hawkins) got drunk, she would confide in us that her son had some sort of bad problem but she never would say exactly what it was.” It’s believable the mother knew of her son’s twisted habits considering that as a juvenile, Ben Hawkins was charged with prowling and trespassing and had repeatedly been found in neighbor’s backyards.

According to California CPS law, had Benjamin been caught with the panties as a juvenile, CPS would have removed him from his mother’s care.

Enter Kathy Sayers. Two years ago, Kathy Sayers, 46, a school teacher and accomplished pianist, hit rock-bottom after CPS visited the home on an anonymous tip that sent the family on a CPS spawned nightmare that led to the trio being forced to live in a homeless shelter.  The initial petition filed by CPS alleged the children were at risk of serious physical harm or injury due to neglect by the mother which included the mother’s failure to secure the minors in their car seats and the mother’s failure to supervise the children in her apartment (she took her dog to poop and left the kids in the playpen, maybe 5 minutes and right outside the apartment window). Mother was given a case plan where she admitted to years of an abusive marriage and the use of meth in the past which got blown into a substance abuse issue.  During her abusive marriage, Sayers had used black market methamphetamine instead of Adderall, a pharmaceutical medicinal methamphetamine prescribed by her doctor. CPS took the girls and ordered mom to check herself into a full time, four month long CPS approved drug rehab located in a halfway house. After completing one month, CPS gave custody back to mom and sent the siblings to live with mom in the halfway house.  Three months later and after graduating rehab with perfect scores, the trio was forced to move into a homeless shelter because mom could not work during treatment and lost her job and the family’s apartment.

She did great, even getting the kids back, until Dec 2013 when she self-reported a relapse to shelter personnel who contacted California CPS.  CPS removed the twins to foster care and once again ordered their mother to undergo a battery of endless programs and classes.

Fastforward to today.  After two years of jumping through hundreds of CPS hoops, the only thing standing in Sayer’s way of being reunited with her daughter is Shari Hawkin’s who has never met with Sayers or the children after she was assigned the case for the past five months.  The foster parents continue to report on the girls’ intense love for their mother. They state that both girls speak of their mother at least 6-8 times every day.  Almost every morning, they wake up asking, “is this a mommy day?” referring to a scheduled visit with their mother. They cry for her at bedtime and say they miss her.  According to the foster parents, with almost every new activity or experience the girls have, they find a way to bring “mommy” into it, and they frequently carry around items mother has given them.  In therapy the girls are both tearful and state they miss their mother.  Although the report documents the strong bond between mother and daughters, Shari continues asking the courts for a permanent termination of parental rights. Despite overwhelming evidence of fitness, Shari continues lying to the court by refusing to go on record and acknowledge the lengthy list of Sayer’s years of recovery accomplishments. See the long list of accomplishments at the end of this article. Although at least three CPS social workers, the foster home personal and dozens of community members have testified Kathy Sayers is ready to be reunited with her twins, the hungover CPS supervisor will not relent and is demanding a permanent separation between mother and her two daughters. When NeverGetBusted asked the neighbors the same question posed at the beginning of this article, one mother explained, “How can a CPS supervisor be qualified to take another parent’s children when their own is a sexual deviant prowling the neighborhood?” As an adult, Benjamin Hawkins now faces five counts, including two felony burglary charges, and is being held in the Sonoma County Jail on $40,000 bail while his mother continues using her badge to bully the family into losing each other forever. Again, I ask the reader, who is worse?


According to, Methamphetamine is a central nervous system stimulant. It affects chemicals in the brain and nerves that contribute to hyperactivity and impulse control. Methamphetamine is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It is also used to treat obesity after other diets or medications have been tried without successful weight loss.

List of Mother’s recovery accomplishments

Since 12/2013, Mother has successfully completed a four-month residential treatment program. Mother’s treating physicians and therapists both state that Mother has made substantial, significant progress and that her prognosis is “excellent.” Mother’s formerly untreated mental health issues are now controlled. Mother attends AA/NA meetings regularly,  has completed numerous educational programs and parenting classes, and has tested clean in weekly random drug for over 8 months.  Mother self-enrolled in outpatient relapse prevention treatment at DAAC, completed several relapse prevention courses, and has a sponsor. Mother is gainfully employed, has secured Section 8 housing (provided she has custody of the children), and demonstrates she has gained the insight necessary to ensuring long-term sobriety.  Mother is motivated to attain custody. She has never given up hope and never lost sight of the ball. She had a relapse.  Relapse, some say, is part of recover.  But for the single relapse Mother would have over a year clean and sober. By all accounts, Mother has always visited consistently with the children and continues to have a strongly bonded relationship with them. Additionally: 1. Mother continues to have a solid, healthy bond with both children. In a June 28, 2014 email to Mother’s Attorney Jennifer Ani, social worker Rebecca Marlborough stated that Mother’s visitation reports “are uniformly positive in what they have to say about Kathy’s interaction with the girls. And I wouldn’t dispute that.” 2. Mother has been in therapy with a CPS approved doctor. The doctor states that Mother’s mental health is stabilized and that she has established positive social support, which will positively influence relapse prevention. Doctor states Mother has made “consistent and significant changes in her life in order to be a good parent and therefore her prognosis is excellent.” 3. Successful Completion of Residential Treatment. Mother successfully completed a 4-month residential treatment program. Mother now exhibits all the positive markers that are seen when true sobriety has been attained. 4. Mother self-enrolled in Outpatient Relapse Prevention 5. Completion of “Recovery Skills Group” 6. Completion of Women’s Process Group 7. Relapse Prevention Group 8. Mother attends regular, frequent AA/NA meetings. 9. Mother is gainfully employed. Mother continues to be employed as an administrator for a local Lutheran Church. 10. Mother has secured Section 8 Housing. 11. Mother has completed parenting education above that required in her case plan. 12. Mother completed a UC San Diego college course, “Health Education for the Teacher”. 13. Mother has a healthy support network.