Top 5 New NeverGetBusted Tips

5 Newest Tips Of NeverGetBusted
July 28, 2022 Barry Cooper 1 Comments

With famous reporter Luke Rudkowski, Barry Cooper drops some updates to his popular NeverGetBusted DVD series.

Listen to Barry’s 5 newest and updated NeverGetBusted tips.

Tips include:

  • Handling K9’s
  • Handling cops at your door
  • Don’t trust your lawyer
  • How to get rid of your stash, and
  • Fleeing the U.S.

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  1. Always been just a huge fan and have massive respect for what u did/doing. So thank u. The Law in the U.S. Is a joke. Especially where I’m at in PA. Been harrassed past month by local police. Caught 6 cases against me in like a 2 month span. All for drugs mainly pot. It’s still the devil to most ppl in this shitty commonwealth state. Just wanted to know if u had any info on ordering things offline with bic coins, and how to safely pick up ur mailed packages. Thanks again for all u did. Thought all cops were pieces of shit till I saw this back in 08. Also u still with Candi?!? How the hell u pull that. Dam she looked good lol. Thanks bro

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