Sneak Weed Through An Airport A NeverGetBusted How To Guide

Sneak Weed Through An Airport
May 15, 2023 Barry Cooper 135 Comments


There are many safe ways to sneak weed through an airport. I am a former narcotics officer who is famous for giving tips on how to Never Get Busted.

I have also passed over twenty drug tests without abstaining and taught people  how to pass a drug test using TestClear products.

I also know how to smuggle small amounts of weed on airplanes.

I will teach you how to trick TSA and other airport police so you can safely carry your stash while flying high.

senak weed through an airport

What is the safest way to fly with weed?

The safest way to sneak weed through an airport is to place a small amount in the crotch area of a female. Small quantities fit perfectly in a tampon tube. This method can be used whether it is “that time of the month” or not.

I don’t know any other way to explain how to keep you out of a cage so forgive anything that sounds distasteful.

A NeverGetBusted fan followed one of my tips and this was her experience:

“Okay I’m a girl and I just tried this method when flying to Florida, which worked. I fly out of Philadelphia which is a big airport. I did Sara’s method with the pad.

I put some weed in a dub bag, double bagged it, taped that, and then put it in another bag, and taped it again. I got a big pad, cut a little slit to the middle of the pad, took out some cotton, placed the weed in the middle of the pad under the center portion, put some cotton back on, then taped it.

When going through security I was gonna ask for a pat down rather than the X-ray machines but I ended up only going through a metal detector so I didn’t have to ask. And there ya go, I was safe.  And I made it.”

What if I am not a girl?

The second best way to sneak weed through an airport is to hide your stash in the crotch area of a male. Airport security is primarily interested in detecting weapons and bombs. Small amounts of pot are their lowest priority. The metal detectors and X-ray scanners show you are not carrying destructive weapons. Unless you are acting crazy, strip searches are rarely conducted at airports.

drug test at the airport

What if they use full-body scanners?

Many of the new airports have full body scanners but you are allowed to deny the use of these machines. Many people comment that this may open you up to a more thorough search but not usually.

What if there are dogs?

A K-9 alert will only trigger a search of your luggage and pockets but not your crotch. I have not heard of any person being strip searched unless they have already been arrested for another crime.

Can you put weed in your bag while flying?

Small amounts of pot will only be discovered during a weapons or bomb search. Hide your stash in an area that is too small to store a secret weapon. Hiding a joint inside an ink pen works well because a destructive weapon cannot fit inside the tiny void.

Checked or Carry-on?

It’s better to secret your stash in checked luggage instead of your carry-on. Checked bags are rarely searched and when they are, it’s less extensive than a carry-on.

Other options?

Pot brownies and other marijuana edibles are an excellent choice. Make sure to mix them with random unlaced food or natural alternatives. The best are hard candies which are easy to make. Be careful when you are visiting family. Little kids love to look through your bags.

Vaporizers such as O-pen are great because they are mistaken as nicotine pens. Throw them in with your ink pens and other electronics.

It is never safe to smuggle large amounts of weed through a public airport.

Use these tips to sneak weed through an airport and I believe you will NeverGetBusted.

Please feel free to watch this video for how to sneak weed through an airport below.


Shampoo hiding, and Containers

Yes, thank you for the comments for pointing this out. You can hide it in your liquids. Just make sure you wrap it tight and keep it small or they will make you throw it away. Lots of head shops these days sell storage that looks like other things. Some of these a great, so look around and see what you can find that will work going through the airport carry-on security.

once you get to the plain your good to go. Just do not use your drugs on the plane. Its not worth it.


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  1. ‘In a tampon’?

    To my limited knowledge, as a tampon-wearing female of planet earth….tampons don’t have a ‘secret compartment’ we can stash things in…..color me blue as day, but I thought tampons went in via the plastic applicator, then you throw that bit in the trash and you have a wad of cotton inside you.
    you try to do that with weed, you better have a way to get it back out again or yer screwed with picking bits of green out of your orifice…which I wouldn’t smoke.

    Seems……weird….at the very least.

      1. Same here … was able to bring 1/2 oz in two shampoo bottles of Pert Plus, lol. Got thru JFK, Narita, and Seoul just fine. 🙂

        1. really? i am in hawaii going to Utah. and i have a 1/4 and was gonna put it in a “head and shoulders” bottle…

        1. Dude ummm your going to Jamaica! Lmao trust me you DO NOT need to bring weed with you…..I mean your going to ganga heaven basically! lmao….last time I went to JA I wasn’t even at my hotel yet and I had green purchased already!

          1. Truth. My friend went to Jamaica and straight up asked the cab driver right out of the airport where to get some, and he smoked them up in the car. LOL

    1. I’ve hid mine IN the actual plastic applicator. Do it almost every time I fly. I throw away the cotton, then put my baggie in the applicator then put it back in the plastic and melt it. I used to wrap it in cotton then stuff out in the applicator, but I realized it’s unnecessary and a lot of work.. Lol

    2. Or hollow out the tampon,put weed into a tiny bag, place the weed unto the hollowed space,, tie the string securely on then wallah, problem solved….

  2. i’m pretty sure he meant to put the plastic tube that you would normally throw away in your vagina with the contents inside. fucking duh.

  3. I did this once about six years ago but came close to disaster. It works well but the timing for me was bad. I had about a half ounce of that rocky mountain good stuff, triple wrapped, in my crotch. I had pretty much forgot about. I was walking towards the security counter, and as soon as I made contact with the TSA guy, I GOT A BIG OL’ WIFF OF IT. You can imagine the look on my face as I was handing the TSA guy my info. He must have seen the change of facial expression and the heightened tension. He doubled checked everything and looked at me suspiciously, but praise the lord he let me pass without incident. THAT WAS A CLOSE CALL!!! Don’t know (and will never know) how that would of turned out. You can imagine my arrival to my destination I was ready to smoke for sure!!!! Thanks Barry for all your insight. Hopefully one day we will realize marijuana is better than we thought and alcohol is worse than we thought. But we are among men and we are prideful and make mistakes. God Bless you and yours!!!!

    1. You need several super clean helping hands when triple bagging. If you touched the original bag, and you seal the 2nd bag, the traces of weed are already on your fingers and now transferred on the outside of the 2nd bag, and so on… You need to have someone else with super clean virgin hands to hold open and seal the 2nd and 3rd bag for you. If you really want to get anal about it, have another person hold open and seal the 3rd bag. It is important that these persons have not come into contact with any of the weed in your house, or any surfaces, door handles, etc that you or anyone else have touched that possibly touched weed at any point in time. Even YOU can’t touch the drawer handle and box that the zip lock bags come in. Treat it like a disease that is transferred by touch from surfaces.

      1. Dogs can easily smell through multiple plastic bags. A human (cop) is not going to smell weed if it’s in multiple bags. If a dog is sniffing your car you are busted, but the odds of that happening are minuscule.

  4. they have the body scanners at airports now so if its on your person they will see it, I have had good luck taking the empty cigarette rolling tubes from the smoker friendly and packing them full, then putting those inside an empty pack of cigarettes and putting that pack in the bottom of a carton, then put that in my carry on. I even pack a few with mostly tobacco and smoke one standing in front of the airport and you can cut the bottom 1/4 inch off the filter (that’s where the glue is) so you can pull out the cotton and put a piece of cardboard in for a splint and you have a huge joint that looks just like a cigarette

    1. Im travelling from Kauai to canada with 1 joint. Could i toss it between my clothing in my checked baggage and get away with it?

  5. Okay so with the most recent comment, can a girl’s crotch method work against the new body scanners at public airports or not? I imagine they’d see whatever’s concealed even there… doesn’t it do some puff of air, too?

    1. Of course it works, It’s not an xray for internal viewing, it displays the exterior of the persons body and metal objects appear black. So you can shove whatever you want up any orifice you choose, as long as it’s not poking out! Check out this video of this guy getting away with a metal object on himself….

    2. Although I wouldn’t suggest going through the scanners at all, they do harmful things to you and your DNA on a micro level.

  6. Well, it is not safe anymore to but drugs in a crotch area, this is because of the full body scanners which economically whelthy airports has.
    The safe way for a woman is to simply put the weed double rapped in a condom (Maybe sprayed with some parfume/Deo if it is gonna stay there for some time) and insert it in their vagina. The airport scanners have no way to simply see inside your vagina. THIS IS SAFE. (Unless you dressed up as a hippie with dreadlocks).
    As for us males, it is not as easy, with the usual metal detectors we will not be busted in our crotch area, this is as the blog says, not as important for the security, the main mission is to see guns or knifes. Not herb. Although if a male happens to meat a full body scanner with his herbs stashed in his panties, or in his crotch. The weed will show on the scanner in orange looking like mashed potatoes, this means that they are caring Cannabis and they WILL question you. The only safe way for a man to carry weed is to simply double baggie it, (Or with a condom), and stick it inside his anus before he leaves. This must be done a long time before your leave for the airport, if not you may be walking like a Cowboy and you will look suspicious. And please, be hygienic, make a hole in the condom, get a rope in it and out your bum so that you can simply drag it out and not suffer the (Lookin for yo stash in yo ass).
    I do not know if this is COMPLETELY safe with the scanners nowadays, but there are now safer way, i do promise you.
    Me as an example, i have never traveled with my weed before, i have not needed to because i can get my stash when arriving, this time i am going to a place where finding weed is hard and its expensive, so in february im carring weed abroad for the first time. I am going to do it through my rectus as i see no safer way. If someone can say to me that the anus way is not as safe as i think, please, do enlighten me 😀

    Fly high xx 😉

    1. I have been vacuum sealing about 1/4 Oz and wrap it with plastic wrap several times then in a lubricated condom and up my butt for trips to Asia for years, no problem. However, I’ve never encountered a drug dog. I understand that drug dogs can detect 1 molecule out of an Olympic size swimming pool, so I’m reconsiderin my MO. ANY ideas?

  7. I am a female and have gone through airport security many times with weed. Simple. Double bag your weed. Make sure you make the baggy containing the weed as flat as possible. Then, put the flattened baggy of weed between two panty liners or pads so it’s like a pad and weed sandwich. Then, attach that panty liner or pad to your underwear. You are good to go. Trust me, it works.

    1. i tried this exact thing and it didn’t work for me. I got tagged by a K-9 that was being walked through the gang plank (while we are all exiting the plane).

  8. A great way to conceal pot is getting a bunch of empty vegetable capsules from a healthfood store that you use to mix your own vitamin combonations in (or empty out turmeric vitamin capsules if you can not find empty ones. These capsule are fairlt large and you can stuff quite a bit of weed in each one of them. After you have filled your desired amount , put the in a tinted vitamin bottle mixed with other real citamins like turmeric, etc. and close the bottle tight. I put it in my carry on and it goes through the exray scanner belt with no detection because it looks like vitamins in a bottle. I have done this many times with no problems….happy traveling! And THANKS BARRY U R my HERO!!!

    1. Nice tip Maxie Maxwell. Thanks for sharing. To add to your already fantastic tip, it’s much safer to place the marijuana pills in checked luggage intstead of carryon. Unlike carry ons, checked bags are rarely hand searched.

  9. is it a bad idea to bring the weed in the bottom of deoderant? And if it isn’t a bad idea, should you take it carry on or bag check

    1. It’s a good idea to hide marijuana in the bottom of deodorant. Place it in your checked bags since checked bags are rarely searched and when they are searched,it’s not extensive.

    2. Dude, EVERYTHING is X-RAYED!!! You ‘re risking a lot to hide shit in deodorant and expect it to not be seen in the x-ray. Doing that is only for hiding it in your own home from your stupid friends, even the cops searching your home know to pull out the stick and see what’s underneath.

  10. I,m reading up on this as much as possible as I will be flying from Alaska to Missouri. Defenitly will stash it in checked luggage for the duration, from there I am driving my camper van all the way back to Alaska through the Canada boarder. Any comments as to get it across by driving? (I’m only taking an 1/8 for the entire trip, I’m a light smoker)

  11. i didn’t see anyone comment on how effect it would be to stash a couple grams in my “cooch”… more specifically with the body scanners… are they able to see what’s under my clothing or would they just see what’s inside me also?

    1. Hey guys. I’m going to Hawaii in late august . Flying from LAX or Burbank . Anyone know if these “body scanners” can see up my hoo ha (vagina) ? I want to take some hash with me (1g) and does anyone know if every passenger has to go through the scanner? I read that these scanners can’t see in your cavities, but I’m trippin! Any help or advice would be awesome bc putting stuff in luggage isn’t really an option considering that I’m traveling with family!

    2. It’s not an xray for internal viewing, it displays the exterior of the persons body and metal objects appear black. So you can shove whatever you want up any orifice you choose, as long as it’s not poking out! Check out this video of this guy getting away with a metal object on himself….

  12. Going to experiment with this at home at least three times before doing it on international flight.

    I suspect it will take some sex toys (with the help of a friend is is hoped) to stretch the spincter so that an object about the size of a ping pong ball can be easily inserted or removed without it being too messy.

    Once the sphincter is acheived a pornstar-level of flexibility, should be pretty easy to get stuff in and out of there without too much mess.

    What it is imagined in the minds eye (please add recommendations/ideas) is to make a chain that has 3 or 4 or 5 ping pong ball sized packets made by compressing the weed then triple-wrapping in a high quality prelubricated condom.

    If it is seen on a modern scanner, it will look just like turds, in fact weed is organic material so it won’t glow.

    Maybe 1/3’d of an ounce (ground and compressed) will fit in one packet. With practice should be able to haul about 2 ounces in the ass but will require practice and training to PULL it off (and out).

    Stay tuned.

  13. Most of my co-workers found humor in the I.O. room on a cruder level. Just as the long-suffering American public waiting on those security lines suspected, jokes about the passengers ran rampant among my TSA colleagues: Many of the images we gawked at were of overweight people, their every fold and dimple on full awful display. Piercings of every kind were visible. Women who’d had mastectomies were easy to discern—their chests showed up on our screens as dull, pixelated regions. Hernias appeared as bulging, blistery growths in the crotch area. Passengers were often caught off-guard by the X-Ray scan and so materialized on-screen in ridiculous, blurred poses—mouths agape, àla Edvard Munch. One of us in the I.O. room would occasionally identify a passenger as female, only to have the officers out on the checkpoint floor radio back that it was actually a man. All the old, crass stereotypes about race and genitalia size thrived on our secure government radio channels.

    There were other types of bad behavior in the I.O. room—I personally witnessed quite a bit of fooling around, in every sense of the phrase. Officers who were dating often conspired to get assigned to the I.O. room at the same time, where they analyzed the nude images with one eye apiece, at best. Every now and then, a passenger would throw up two middle fingers during his or her scan, as though somehow aware of the transgressions going on.
    And yes, he talks about the ridiculousness of confiscating nail clippers and liquids:
    I confiscated jars of homemade apple butter on the pretense that they could pose threats to national security. I was even required to confiscate nail clippers from airline pilots—the implied logic being that pilots could use the nail clippers to hijack the very planes they were flying.

    Once, in 2008, I had to confiscate a bottle of alcohol from a group of Marines coming home from Afghanistan. It was celebration champagne intended for one of the men in the group—a young, decorated soldier. He was in a wheelchair, both legs lost to an I.E.D., and it fell to me to tell this kid who would never walk again that his homecoming champagne had to be taken away in the name of national security.

    1. To Labrador,
      If you confiscated that stuff from the returning military members then you are a true douchebag and I think you should reconsider your occupation. This bullshit has gone entirely too far for no documentable reason. You are the reason we hate the TSA. Ineffective, bullshit rules that do not prevent terrorism. No one respects the TSA. No one thinks their rules are sensible. The only reason we are nice to you is because we fear the stupid, monolithic, fear mongering bullshit government that is currently run by clueless, inexperienced cowards. I hope you sleep great in your sense of duty. If you do, it is because you belong in an episode of CrankYankers wearing protective headgear. That is all.

  14. Imtraveling to buffalo new York from Tampa I would like to bring a small stash someone please help I’ve never done this before
    And even though I don’t have a medical card its not legal yet I do use as a medication and I’m going to be gone for 13 days . I saw a comment about the shampoo bottles does that work . but I have had my checking bag come back more then once with a note saying they checked the bag before.
    I have no criminal record no anything if hey looked me up and I really don’t want to tant my record trying to do this
    Is someone could help me that’d be great thanks !!!

    1. The best way to ensure you will not get busted is to never carry more than you can eat. Have your stash nearby and ready to eat along with a bottle of water to wash it all down.

    2. I flew domestically last summer (august 2013) from LAX to Rochester,NY & there was NO way I wasn’t going to bring my medicine- no matter how frightened I was. also, being a cali medical marijuana patient eased my nerves in the event TSA found my stash. After reading multiple forums, I decided to take a heavy pad, rip out some stuffing, and stuff about 5 g’s of Master Kush in the center. I put a little padding back in, threw a piece of tape on top to make sure all was secure, and threw it in my underwear like i was on my period. It was easy as pie to get through and I know Lax has the ultra new body scanners so to them, it must have just looked like what it was- another woman’s period pad;). I am flying internationally next spring and i am definately nervous as to how i will bring my stash with me this time, but hey where there is a will there is a way. I also recommend not looking nervous- i was shaking with fear standing in line but pulled myself together quickly. it was also a red eye flight i took out of LAX and TSA looked understaffed and very tired that late at night.

      1. Hello! I’m flying out from LAX Saturday evening and I wanted to try bringing back 2 grams with me and this seems to be he best method I’ve seen so far. Does it work 100%? Please help me out! I really don’t wanna throw this beautiful green herb away! Lol

  15. If you tear apart an axe spray bottle and stuff it in there you can easily put a stash in there

  16. Wondered if grinding it and putting it in empty pill capsules would work? Not needing to take much, so thought about filling a few capsules and mixing it in with some organic herbal supplement. Good idea?

  17. i understand this site is specifically for weed. but i was wondering if the pill thing or the pad thing would work for other things…like a small amount of methamphetamine. it is what it is. just wondering.

      1. Amen to that, Lucy. Meth fucked up my life, and I was very lucky to get loose. Oz turned out to be Hell.

  18. Okay I’m a girl and I just tried this method when flying to Florida, which worked. I fly out of Philadelphia which is a big airport. I did Sara’s method with the pad. I put some weed in a dub bag, double bagged it, taped that, and then put it in another bag, & taped it again. I got a big pad, cut a little slit to the middle of the pad, took out some cotton, placed the weed in the middle of the pad under the center portion, put some cotton back on, then taped it. When going through security I was gonna ask for a pat down rather than the X-ray machines but I ended up only going through a metal detector since I was flying alone and I’m young, so I didn’t have to ask. And there ya go, I was safe. After I got through security, I went to the bathroom and took the pad off and the weed out bc it was annoying since I wasn’t actually on my period. And I made it.
    If you’re a guy, you could wear a diaper which sounds ridiculous but if you really wanna sneak weed through and be safe, put the weed in the diaper and ask for a pat down. Might be embarrassing but whatever. Hope this helped!
    Message me if you have any questions!

    1. If you want to avoid the possible drug dogs, you need to be more careful with your triple bagging method…

      You need several super clean helping hands when triple bagging. If you touched the original bag, and you seal the 2nd bag, the traces of weed are already on your fingers and now transferred on the outside of the 2nd bag, and so on… You need to have someone else with super clean virgin hands to hold open and seal the 2nd and 3rd bag for you. If you really want to get anal about it, have another person hold open and seal the 3rd bag. It is important that these persons have not come into contact with any of the weed in your house, or any surfaces, door handles, etc that you or anyone else have touched that possibly touched weed at any point in time. Even YOU can’t touch the drawer handle and box that the zip lock bags come in. Treat it like a disease that is transferred by touch from surfaces.

      1. I put my weed in a small Baggie and then tape over the baggie sealing the package completely using clear postal packing tape. Absolutely no smell. I use antibacterial wipes to clean my hands between each step. Then I put the packed weed in a false bottom of a makeup compact and throw it in my makeup bag in my checked luggage. Works every time! I did put weed in a Baggie in my vagina once and my body was trying to reject the packet while I was on the security line. Very uncomfortable.

  19. And if you go to the tsa website and search can I bring marijuana, they specifically tell you they’re not looking for weed at all whether it’s medical or not. If they happen to find it, they just tell the police so they deal with it.

  20. Just went through lax. Had stash taped under my man area. Had pipe in sock. Full body scanner picked it up. They took me to side room took my info lapd came in made me walk to a back room smash pipe and go through security again. This was not a weed pipe. The tsa didn’t care lapd didn’t find main stash to I got lucky. Lax and Las both use full body scaanners. Be careful

    1. You’re a dumbass, stuff the pipe up your ass next time and get a pat down, or buy a new cheap pipe when you get to your destination.

  21. Would the tsa xray machine you know the things they use to look through your stuff pick up weed in the bottom of my deodorant? (I cant check the bag so yes im putting it in my carry on)

    1. Dude, EVERYTHING is X-RAYED!!! You ‘re risking a lot to hide shit in deodorant and expect it to not be seen in the x-ray. Doing that is only for hiding it in your own home from your stupid friends, even the cops searching your home know to pull out the stick and see what’s underneath.

    2. do you think those scanners can see in your ass/colon/intestines? if not, the ‘terrorists’ if they were real, could do that w bombs. i know in the joint they xrayed people suspected of having cannabis secreted inside their body

  22. I go through body scanners with 8ths packed in a messy bun. Body scanner reads it as hair. I have been wanting to share this but a lot of sites make you get screen names and crap. Made it through kc Mississippi New York and Denver. Not trying to be racist but if you are Africa America and have a fake hair or bun they will check it but not if it’s real 😀

    1. im at the airport in london and thats exactly what happened. im black with faux locs she tripled check my shit lol
      but im clean. now when i come back from Africa thats another story lol

    1. And expect to go through the scanner? NO! Read the comment a few up from here of the dumbass that put a pipe in his sock and got caught. He’s lucky they didn’t strip search him and find his weed under his balls.

      1. Can’t I just roll them in one rolled CIA tubes. Put them in CIA pack in my check bag. Hmm seems OK any thoughts

  23. So in a few days I’m flying lax to Newark, nj and I have 2 heart shaped ginger snap edibles. Basically I bought a bag of similar cookies, mixed them in, put them in a bag and back in the box, I also put it alongside an Oreo bag, and tied it all together with a grocery bag. I was planning on putting it in my checked back.

    any suggestions?

  24. okay, i dont do anything illegal. however, i smoke marijuana and hash ALL day long, for pain, every single day, before the sun is up until after it is down. so often forget it is illegal other places, not here. have, every time ive flown, accidently left cannabis IN MY POCKET. unwrapped in platic or anything, just loose. large chunks of bubble hash, too. i had dreadlocks, too. (i wont tell you other things that have accidently happened to my imaginary friend, but suffice it to say, in plain sight…within best…and if its not secreted, then i think if they DID find it, and it was just headstash, theyd bee more prone to let you slide. just my $.02

  25. The holidays are right around the corner. I’m planning on flying from one state where green is illegal to another. I NEED to take a personal stash to get through Christmas with the family lol. Nothing more than maybe an 1/8th. Really don’t want to put anything inside of me, or tape anything to my goods and services. Checked luggage. I’ve had it searched before, but what about stash cans or maybe something with a lock and key??? Ideas please. Nothing in my butt, nothing taped to man parts….

  26. Flight to Oakland for a raiders game, I’m flighting out of Ontario Airport. I want to take a eight i was thinking about rollin blunt and putting them in the tubes by the way i have my med card too. Any suggests???

  27. My dad used to smuggle weed into prison when he was there (go figure he was in for selling drugs) and he used have a lady drink coffee with him during visitation and in that coffee was balloon with weed in it. While he was drinking the coffee he swallowed the balloon. There was only one time that he couldn’t throw it back up and there is only one other place that it ended up. My suggestion – eat it throw it up

    1. That is probably the worst idea here. Sure it would work, but so would keistering it. My point being, we’re trying to avoid that.

  28. Would be interested in hearing experiences with edibles. I have a friend in Colorado who has bought red gummy bear edibles, then mixed them into a bag of real gummy bears (after taking out all the normal red gummies). There is a product in Washington State called Zoots that resemble large cough drops or dried fruit – what are the chances of these being identiified, especially if I mix with trail mix or something ?


  29. I want to travel to Dubai and get hash with me? I like the vitamin idea so which is safer to put them in carry on or luggage? or do u think they have advanced scanners and it is not a goo idea

  30. Im travelling from Kauai to canada with 1 joint. Could i toss it between my clothing in my checked baggage and get away with it??

  31. CM – Don’t do it! The U.A.E. have a very long list of banned substances, and even painkillers land people in the clink. I am also positive that a place as wealthy as Dubai would have excellent scanners. Not sure about hash, but cannabis can get you around 4 years in prison. This might be a vacation to SERIOUSLY consider trying sober.

  32. Going to Vegas next Friday and want to bring a few joints? Any suggestions besides the internal stuff and pads. I need it to eat and relax but I also don’t want to get caught. Would packing some into cigarettes that are emptied and putting that pack in the middle of the carton, the carton in the luggage next to cologne, make up, bathroom stuff…..and rolled up socks next to the carton. Any thoughts please!

  33. Okay so I am a female, I am going from belfast to Majorca for at least a week and I want to bring some g for a blunt… And also maybe one joint as I’m not willing to risk my freedom for a bit of g… Realistically I need a way to take a joint that’s rolled up.. And also a bit of of g no bigger than a gram.. I would stash it in a tampon up my lady parts but I’m worried about the body scanners.. But app if I put it in my behind region it will just the body scanners will pick it up as poo cause it’s a natural substance.. So.. Tell me about the body scanners, about a joint and also whether putting one gram in a tampon or up the other end is better?

  34. I’ve been using the capsule method with my Denver trips for small quantities. The ones I use are Double “00” Gelatin Caps by Now Foods found at most health food stores. You can pack quite a bit in them. I simple mix 4-6 of my canni caps in with my vitamins (some pills, some caps) and have had no problem carrying thru security (domestic or international).

    I’ve also used key chain pill bottles found at Walgreens. They have a screw on rubber sealed (water/odor proof) top. I believe the container is some type of really hard plastic, though it looks metal. I don’t grind but pack these very, very tight. It’ll hold just less than 1/8 g. Not knowing exactly what the material is, it’s not my preferred method for carry on. But it too has worked. I have a ton of electronics and gadgets in the bag as well and only travel with one in carry on. The most I’ve carried in checked is 2. If anyone knows the material of this container and how it shows on xray, do tell.

    The maxi-pad approach never occurred to me, but I love it! And will try it next time rather than my usual for what’s not in caps.

  35. What about the small co2 hash oil cartridges for my Vaporizer Pen?

    I love my Vap Pen it is discreet and odorless.

    I want to bring three Cartridges to load into my pen while I am over at my condo.

    I am a California patient flying to Maui — I have heard of people just tossing them into their bathroom bag in their carry-on … And people even putting them with your pen in security tray since they look so similar to an e-cig.
    These little things are way easier than actual marijuana would be to bring …. Tiny little tubes of liquid (hash oil) .. Odorless.

    I am either going to bring or Amazon Prime myself (shipped to Maui) a Pen for my trip and then I will need about three cartridges… I might toss those 3 little cartridges in a B-Day card and send USPS ahead to myself … or just toss in my backpack …. not sure yet the best method to get them there???

  36. NEED ADVICE! I want to bring back some concentrate oil that come in vials that screw onto your vapor battery (Open Vape brand). I’ve got a few ideas and I’ll definitely be checking my bag. Any advice on concealing these?

  37. hi guys, im going to phuket on 5th march. i would like to bring small amount of weed. any advice?

  38. Was considering buying small plastic test tubes to fill with wax and hide in scented markers. Then hide markers with normal markers in computer bag under computer in checked bag. Would Xrays pick those up?

  39. Im travelling from luxembourg to portugal and I was thinking of carrying no more than 2g of the amazing amsterdam goods we all love. I know they have sniffing dogs for the luggage you check in so my only options would be either leaving it in the bag inside a bubble gum box (i pass through police dogs everyday with it and they never smell it) inside the backpack I’ll carry with me or putting it in me somehow… i was wondering if i use the pad strategy, being a teenage girl (i dont draw that much attention) if it would be fine. I apprecciate any advice you could give me. Thanks

    1. Did it work for you when you flew out from LAX? I fly out Saturday evening and I wanted to try this method to take back about 2 grams back home with me?

  40. So I’m flying from LAX to Midway airport (Chicago) and I’m trying to find the best way possible to take about 2 grams with me. What’s the safest way? I leave Saturday evening so please I need advice! Lol help out a stoner!

  41. Hi want to buy cannabis oil and take it with me to the airport it comes in a small bottle of glass and it has like a pipe made of rubber band to do the drops. Anyway I just want to know the best way to hide it in security since is a small liquid amount of oil I feel like I may not get busted. Please help me

    1. I have a few theories on this, one is to get a bottle of cough syrup, empty a bit of it and then add some squirts of cannabis oil. I personally wouldn’t even think of trying it, because the guards are reading your body language as they ask you questions and you really have to be a good actor to pull it off. If you appear at all fidgety they keep prodding, as soon as you get defensive it’s game over.

  42. I roll a few and stick them in my little portable Q-tip container (in a bag ofcourse). And put a layer of Q-tips over the top of them…then bag that container and bury in my makeup case inside my suitcase. Q-tips are close to same lenght so not noticable!!!

  43. Thinking of buying a carton of cigs, open it up, take a pack out, empty it, fill it with joints, put it back, repack the whole thing as good as possible. Then I just buy a carton at the airport and put this one with it. Thoughts?

  44. This renowned alternative medicine works on the
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  45. I am looking at two weeks in jail and was wondering how to sneak a few pills in through a body xray machine what works….

  46. I have flown out of Denver with an oz. I even had a dog sniff me. All good except for the slight heart attack the dog gave me. I am going back again soon to get a couple oz. I just toss it in my carry on in a good odor free bag so the dank odor isn’t smelly to others around me. Don’t worry too much and don’t smell like you just came from a smoke shop going through security.

  47. Has anyone ever thought of using a tobacco can? You could use plastic or metal lid. You might want to clean it out first The pot, if broken up into small enough pieces, would look like tobacco to the untrained observer (also known as the TSA). If you had enough to fill the can it would probably look better.

  48. Can you just put the weed in a bag that goes under the plane i was thinking maybe rap it in a bag like twice then shove it in a gell bottle and let it go under the plane will that work ?

  49. Okay so im going to Trinidad and Tobago this winter, Leaving exactly on the 25th of december. I know it is an international flight but I have no idea where to get weed in trinidad. I would love to sneak like a half quarter of an ounce or a quarter on that would be nice. Any tips?

    1. The fact you don’y know that’s a teenth means you should not be smoking, never mind smuggling dude.

    1. On a domestic flight I went through one of those round-a-bout body scanners with a small amount of weed in my P, and then a tampon to hold it in place. Before all of this I wrapped in plastic wrap (saran wrap or whatever), then washed my hands very carefully and double wrapped it. Good luck

  50. These are great ideas but not to much has been mentioned on how strong the X-rays can see. One person mentioned they can even see a man who has had a hernia. Not that I really want to but the amount (1oz) I want to bring through, inside me seems the only way. Will they see? Also thought of putting some in a bag, airtight it, put it in a bottle of facial cream and putting lotion on top of it? Any advice would be so appreciated. Not flying out until next year. And last question, once you pass through security and have a layover, do you have to go through security again? (The bottle would be in my check on luggage.)

    1. Put it in between your cheeks. I ly twice a month do it everytime. Nobody uses x rays. they use body scanners. body scanners can only see something pertruding from your body that is metal. period. no need for shoving it up your ass or in your p blablabla. wrap it with toilet paper put it in between cheeks or in a pad depending the amount and raie your arms up going through scanner smile say cheese and enjoy your flight!!

  51. Phora,, good question! But nobody is answering these questions anymore what’s up? We need to know these things yo!!! Help a fellow stoner out!!!!!

  52. Insertion into rectum or vagina using multiple condoms is tried and proven from others I know.

    As far as dogs go, if the thing is in a series of condoms, inside your body , the dog isn’t likely to have a clue.

    Dogs are over-rated, and NOT ALL DOGS ARE EQUALLY SKILLED, just as not all cops, plumbers, doctors, etc., are equally skilled.

    Recently, in Fairbanks Alaska, a fellow took the Airport Police to court, and obtained a court order for them to return his 8 grams of (legal) cannabis. The fact that they are hiding behind trafficking laws, saying that for the police to return your pot is a violation of federal law, dismisses the portion the 1970 CSA that provided for State or municipal LEOs to possess drugs (seizure, transport, etc.) as narcs.

    X-rays can’t see through metal objects as a rule, so if there’s something in your checked bags made of metal that isn’t likely to be opened or disassembled if screeners do a hands-on search, that’s a better bet. X-rays CAN see through plastic, etc., as far as I know.

    Knowing how weak the gauntlet really is with TSA (*and knowing about those who tested the system for safety and managed to get MUCH more dangerous things aboard than some weed, it makes a person wonder how real all this terrorism stuff really is; always seemed to me to be an excuse to further the already rampant violations of the Bill of Rights and generic intrusions the various governments in this Country seem to drool over in this country have wanted for so long anyway.. And now the buggers have it, and just make up the rules as they go..

    Party on boys and girls.

  53. Traveling to Dubai , planning to make weed chocolate and put it in a nutella jar , , will they be able to find it on an X ray ? g

  54. Hello – I am a heroin addict – not ideal, I know, but it’s been 20 years, I work hard, and pat my taxes. I’ve tried rehab, like 20 times, and can’t take another 12 weeks off work and cost the taxpayer even more money. So to travel internationally I need to take heroin with me, or spend my whole holiday withdrawing. I have taken stupid risks in the past, but judging by your article, I could just wrap a 3G block of Heroin in cling film and hold it in my mouth. Would this work? Please reply as I am travelling in a few days. Usually I fill capsules and add to a bottle of similar capsules. Thanks in advance.

  55. What is safe way to transport hashish through airport.
    I planning to takin in pickle jar with 3-6 hash ballls (coated in thin plastic sheet)
    Is there any other safe way ?

  56. I’m flying from Ajax to Miami next month. I am unsure if I should go with the pad scenario or if I should take my hollowed out lint roller… has anyone actually done this? I’m not checking a bag so it’ll have to be on my carry on. I have smell proof baggies as well

  57. Hey guys, im goog from argentina to new zeland. Ive never been to NZ so i dont have a clue of how security works there. If someone has travelled there recently please tell me how is it. Also, im not shure where to take it, on my carry on, on my lauggage or on my self? If i put it in a shampoo bottle in my lauggage, showld it be empty (just with the weed) or the weed showld be double bagged and whith some shampoo around?

  58. Hey, im flying to cape verde (boa vista island) soonish, and i was wondering whether you can actually get weed there, or you should bring your own. I am kind of afraid to ask random people there for weed, since it’s a 3rd world country with alot of scruffy, dangerously looking people. If i were to take weed with me, id just empty like 10-20 cigarettes, fill them 3/4 up with weed and finish it up with tobacco on the top, in case they’re looked at. Then i would just throw these “cigs” in a pack with like other normal cigarettes and put the pack in a carry on bag with like 2-3 more cigarette packs (no weed). I think this should be “invisible” on the xray machine, and noone would go look through all my cigarette packs and even through every single cig.

    But still i am kind of paranoid, so if you think you have a better battleplan for me, feel free to tell me. Thanks (:

  59. Hey, so the O Pens are easily disguised but what will the sniffing dogs still be able to detect the scent of the oil in the cartridge?

  60. Have never been on plane/airport since way before 9/11. Im a woman so ive already chose my hiding place. What should I except flying out of Minneapolis Minnesota to vegas security wise, things I should expect,, and hoping for tips or ideas that’d help the whole anxiety ridden plan to go as smoothly as possible!! Thanks in advance!!

  61. I flew to Miami from Philly with 1/4 ounce. This was years ago. In fact, it was 1 month after 9/11. Security was nuts after that but you could tell that all the wrinkles weren’t ironed out. I was still scared af for alot of reasons. But mostly scared to get caught with it. You would think I would be more scared of a terrorist attack, but no. We were going on a 7 day family reunion cruise. Weed was absolutly necessary! I rolled all the weed in blunts then I put them in empty tampons rolls. I made sure to get a big box so that I could leave some tampons in (un-used of course). I wrapped the blunts in paper towels then plastic wrap, then in 2 dryer sheets, then another wrap of plastic. I put the box in my carry on (so i could keep an eye on it). I have to mention that i split the quarter with my sister so we had an 1/8 each. TSA didn’t bat an eye. I don’t think i breathed until i was actually on the plane. When we got to our destination everyone was pissed because they couldn’t find any weed. Alot of adults in my family smoke. But my Mother called all of us a warned us not to bring it. They coped with alcohol and got WAY too drunk & sick! Once we were on the boat and swore my cousin to secrecy, we were able to indulge the whole week with new friends we met who also bought their weed? We confessed about 5 yrs later. My mom said she knew she kept smelling it. But we would tell her that it was our neighbors smoking and the smell traveled to our cabin. I got the idea from my next door neighbor (dealer). Thanks SC! And a huge shout out to our cabin boy. He made sure he didn’t throw out any roaches or half bluts when we were on the boat. We left him hellava tip✌

  62. hey there concerned, i am a boy and travelling to Kuwait and willing to take 1 0r 2 gram of hash along with me.
    need guidance (Detailed one) how to carry?

  63. This is a funny and interesting article. There are great tips about how to smuggle weed but I would never do that. The risk is just too great.

    1. I need to get eight ounces to China. I can carry two on my person, but the other six? Maybe USPS. I would like to know how to disguise it for the scanners. An issue of density.

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