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What is NGB400?

Have you always wanted to be an activist but didn’t know where to start? Here is your opportunity to help real people with real drug cases.

NGB400 is a private group of peaceful activists who are eager to help the marginalized victims of the War on Drugs. Members will assist Barry with real-time drug cases via Zoom classes and the Group’s private SLACK forum.

For years Barry has been unable to help the poor people who email NeverGetBusted asking for his Expert Witness consultations. By way of the NGB400 Group, we can help them receive the best defense possible by providing free detailed reports to their lawyer.

(Barry is not a Lawyer and will not adopt cases unless the client has a Lawyer. We do not give legal advice.)

The NGB-400 Group has the resources, knowledge, integrity, and passion to serve those who have been arrested for non-violent drug crimes. Many of Barry’s clients are struggling with drug addiction and other life-debilitating circumstances so each case is unique. We place the client’s welfare as our highest priority.

The first 400 sign-ups will be considered the founding members and will receive a profile badge in the NGB-400 SLACK forums where members network and discuss the Group’s drug cases.

NGB-400 was formed to be a positive force in the American criminal justice system. We are not a hate group and all members must maintain a strict code of polite conduct when interacting with police, prosecutors, judges, and other government officials.

The Group’s motto is, “We are not here to fight. We are here to heal.”

Violence, rudeness, and insults to government officials will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate cancellation of the offenders’ membership.

Members will contribute a monthly membership fee of their choice depending on an honor system that reflects the member’s ability to pay. A $15 per month member has the exact privileges and perks as a $25 or $50 member. It’s that simple.

Members can attend monthly Zoom training classes taught by Barry, licensed attorneys, and other special guests. Along with reviewing and analyzing real evidence, the courses will explore the history of activism, activism according to the United Nations, and the powers of positive activism.

Upon signing up, Miss Chalen will email you with onboarding instructions that include permission to instantly join the members-only private forums. Miss Chalen is the group’s full-time paid NGB400 manager who has been on both sides of the court system. She was facing 17 counts of drug allegations and successfully completed drug court at the top of her class. All counts were dropped and she now works as a paralegal for a public defender’s office. Miss Chalen has worked for years defending drug charges and helping the victims return to a normal and healthy sober life.

Pick the payment amount that fits your budget the best and I will see you in our next LIVE Zoom class.

Peace, Love, and NeverGetBusted.

Barry Cooper

NGB-400 Perks

Instant access to the Group's private forums.

Automatic enrollment in the monthly, sometimes bi-weekly activist training classes.

The first 400 members will receive a badge of recognition so other members will see the seniority ranking of the ground floor members who helped start the NGB-400 Group.

Access to actual Discovery of the Group's client. This includes police reports, dispatch logs, canine records, dash-cam and body cam footage, asset forfeiture filings, and crime scene photos. The client's name and city of arrest will be redacted from all court documents.

Access to all uncensored training videos published weekly on the NGB-400 platform. Videos will include Barry breaking down real traffic stops and other police encounters.

NGB 400 - 15

$ 15

NGB 400 - 25

$ 25

NGB 400 - 50

$ 50