How To Spot Undercover Cops

Spotting Undercovers

How To Spot Undercover Cops

By Ex Narc, Barry Cooper [Updated 2020]

Please use these tips to help you avoid being busted by undercover cops. I worked as an undercover cop in dozens of drug stings. I bought drugs. I sold drugs. I traded guns for drugs. I did all of this under the direction and watchful eye of the American government. In the name of the United States of America. Now in hindsight, I feel bad for using undercover skills to cage non-violent citizens.  Please forgive me. I hope to save more people from the same fate by writing this guide that helps identify potential undercover cops.

Even today I have am often criticized by police. They hate that I revealed how to spot undercover cops in NeverGetBusted. Then again when I released Volume 2: NeverGetRaided. In the film, I explain undercover cops cause more harm to citizens than drugs do. It is pretty clear to see if you look at any of the data. I have been on the inside and seen just how bad it is first hand.

the police often pull people over for little to no reason

Is the war on drugs dangerous?

The truth is only for the citizens. Cops and the media often portray the lie that officers risk and lose their lives every day in the War On Drugs. Anyone can check into the FBI’s Uniformed Crime Reports. Easy to see between  1996 and 2006, only 28 officers lost their lives while doing drug operations. Only 2.8 cops died in those years. Compare this to the millions of citizens who lost their lives or freedom during the same time period. Why is the life of  a cop considered more valuable than the life of a citizen? It’s supposed to be the other way around. Police are supposed to lay down their lives to protect citizens.

NoteTo: Any officer worried about me teaching citizens how to spot them. Stop working as undercover cops, because you are causing more harm than the offender. I know what it is like. I have been there.

Do undercover cops have to tell you they are working undercover?

When asked, undercover cops do not have to tell you they are working undercover. I’m not sure how this rumor started but it is not true and actually helps law enforcement. Many times as an undercover cop myself, suspects would ask if I were a cop and would explain I must tell them if I were. I would respond, “No. I’m not a cop and you are correct. I would have to tell you if I were.” This answer made the suspect comfortable enough to sell me drugs.

Are police allowed to use drugs?

blow smoke

The short answer is no. The big BUT is they can and will fake it. Police learn how to mimic a joint hit. It is easy to do by allowing the smoke to pass from their mouth and through their noses. This way the smoke never enters the lungs. But do not threaten them as use of drugs is easily forgiven if life is at risk. This is also true in the UK. They also are not allowed to use Sex while undercover.

How can you test the police for being undercover?

The best way to reveal an undercover cop is to insist they take a large bong hit in your presence. I find it is impossible to fake a bong hit. So I always insist on this form of ingestion when dealing with a suspicious person. Informants are ordered to never use drugs. They commonly violate the agreement during operations. Police are NEVER allowed to partake in drug use.

When I was on the force I was often drug tested immediately after an operation. This was to prove “without a doubt” I didn’t take drugs well undercover. The test results would be added to the prosecutor’s file in case the defendant claimed I was a user. There are a few rogue agents who will use drugs. So I am suspicious of any person who is unwilling to hit a bong. It should be said though you can pretty much always pass a drug test.

What should you do when your friend gets busted?

Never conduct drug deals with your recently busted friend. Especially make sure to stay away from any persons he/she introduces you to.  It’s likely your friend is working off their case by cooperating with the police to bust you.

What if he is my best friend or drug dealer?

These guys are pro’s. They know how to turn people, even your best friends. Don’t risk your own safety till the danger is over. We are not advocating abandonment of your friends. Just keep the drugs away.

What steps can I take to avoid being setup?

If a person is unwilling to constantly change deal locations before the deal, he is probably a cop. Police do not like re establishing surveillance during large deals. This means they will usually refuse to change locations.  If they won’t move, you move fast and get the hell out of there. Your freedom is never worth the risk.

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