BEWARE of this MMA Brazilian JuJitsu coach. He will hurt you! Watch arm SNAP.

BEWARE of this MMA Brazilian JuJitsu coach. He will hurt you! Watch arm SNAP.
9260 Emilio Aguinaldo  Highway 411 Lalaan 2 Silang Cavite, Philippines
My family and I enrolled in Coach Adam Brooks MMA classes with the intention of learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) without risking injury. Unfortunately, my experience with Coach Brooks was far from satisfactory and I was severely injured.
During my second class, Coach Brooks applied a stranglehold, deliberately causing me significant pain by turning his knuckles into my esophagus. I panicked instead of tapping because I am a new student and did not think to tap. 
Despite my distress, he released the hold only to dismiss my concerns with the statement, “you should have tapped.” The injury I sustained left me with pain and difficulty swallowing for over a month.
Feeling uneasy about Coach Brooks’ conduct, I attended another class where he subjected me to embarrassing attention by singling me out to perform a challenging exercise in front of the entire class. Sensing his intent to humiliate me, I decided to discontinue my training.
Subsequently, I was approached by four individuals, all Filipinos, who shared similar experiences of mistreatment by Coach Brooks. In response, I issued a challenge for a controlled stand-up fight, acknowledging my inability to compete with him on the ground due to his reported expertise in BJJ and UFC experience.
Rather than accept the challenge, Adam brooks reported my challenge to the authorities and manipulated my challenge to sound like I was threatening him to a street fight which is illegal in the Philippines. Brooks attempted to discredit me by coercing a witness to testify against me falsely.
Fortunately, the witness eventually went to the officials and recanted the lies that Adam Brooks coerced him into giving.
Further investigation uncovered a history of complaints against Coach Brooks for bullying, disruptive behavior, and domestic disputes. Additionally, it became evident that fear of reprisal and lack of resources prevented many from confronting him legally.
Why did the false witness come to his senses and retract his false statements against me? Watch the video below. BEWARE. THE VIDEO SHOWS BRUTAL VIOLENCE.
The woman who snapped the arm is Adam Brooks wife. The victim who received the severely broken arm is the witnesses wife. After this happened, Adams witness realized Adam was dangerous and all the things Adam said about me were not true.
The video evidence provided serves as a stark reminder of the extent of Coach Brooks’ disregard for the well-being of his students and others associated with him. It is imperative to avoid affiliations with individuals who prioritize their ego over the safety and dignity of others.
I am filing a criminal case against Adam Brooks and suing him for damages.
In conclusion, I strongly advise against engaging with Coach Adam Brooks due to his demonstrated pattern of harmful behavior towards both foreigners and Filipino students.