Barry Cooper Teaches Why Drug Dogs Are A Scam

March 7, 2023 Barry Cooper 0 Comments

The use of narcotic detector dogs is one of the largest scams in US history

The use of unreliable narcotic detector dogs has allowed the government to seize billions in assets.

In 2006 I was the first whistleblower to prove drug dogs false alert. I released a video titled “Never Get Busted Volume 1: Traffic Stops” and in that video, there was a chapter dedicated to canines where I included footage of a police officer queueing his drug dog false alert.

The police community went wild and called me a liar. Now it’s been widely reported that drug dogs false alert.

There are only three probable causes or reasons a police officer can use to search your car during a traffic stop.

Informant tip

The first is an informant tip. If a reliable informant tells a police officer you’ve got marijuana in your car he can stop and search you without a warrant.

Plain sight

The second reason is called “plain sight.” If the officer approaches your car and sees a baggie of marijuana or smells marijuana, he can search your car without your permission.

The third and final reason a cop can search your car is if his drug dog alerts…whether the alert is true or false.

Dog alert

If there’s not an informant tip and the officer can’t gain probable cause through a plain sight search, all he has to do to search your car is queue his dog to false alert.

Testifying in court

I use to testify in courts all over the United States trying to convince the judges to allow me to demonstrate a false alert. My requests were always denied. I was and still am confident I can make any drug dog false alert in any courtroom in front of any judge.

Once I was called to testify along with another K9 expert who was a Harvard professor in the field of animal behavior.

We both played the video in front of the judge and pointed out the dog never alerted. The dog never sat which is how he was trained to communicate the odor of contraband to his handler.

The canine officer took the stand and testified his dog never sat “but he wanted to.”

I thought we won the case and was very disappointed when the judge ruled in the dog’s favor. I learned at that moment judges will allow officers to call anything a true alert.

I quit testifying in courts after coming to the conclusion there must be secret orders passed down to U.S. judges instructing them to never rule against drug dogs. The reason has to be asset forfeiture.

It is widely reported police often take cash and property from people without convicting or even charging them with a crime through the highly controversial practice known as civil asset forfeiture.

According to the Institute For Justice, in 2014, the Treasury and Justice Department’s deposited more than five billion dollars in their accounts.

I blew the whistle in 2006 but now, I’m not the only one reporting about dogs’ false alerting. In January 2019, Radley Balko reported in the Washington Post:

“If the Fourth Amendment rights of drug suspects hinge on drug dogs, one would think the accuracy of those dogs would be something the Supreme Court might want to investigate you’d be wrong!

In the 2005 case, the court ruled that a dog sniff after a traffic stop is not an unreasonable search under the Fourth Amendment.”

Mr. Balko explained that there have been many studies that prove 50% of the time drug dogs false alert and flipping a coin is more accurate than using a drug dog.

Watch the video attached to this article for a more detailed study of why drug dogs are one of the largest scams in U.S. history.