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Arrested for a drug crime? Have a loved one in prison? Watch the above video. We are famous for freeing prisoners and defendants. No case is too big or too small. Speak to Barry directly and add him to your defense team to insure you are not railroaded through court. The judge, prosecutor and cops are forming a triad against you so build your team now.

Depending solely on a lawyer for your freedom is a sure ticket to imprisonment. Over two million people are presently incarcerated and they all had lawyers. It’s important to build an entire defense team. NeverGetBusted does many pro bono (free) cases and some cases we charge as little as $500. We work with each client’s budget. If you are sincere about your freedom, now is the time to take action. Fill out the form.

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NGB’s Recommended Super Lawyers

Each lawyer listed below works closely with NeverGetBusted and has demonstrated uncanny expertise and perfect legal strategies used to free prisoners and defendants.  Like a large percentage of American lawyers, none of these will take your money only to scare you into a plea bargain.  None of the lawyers in this section paid for this feature.  This is not a paid advertisement.

Bobby D. Mims

Known for being one of Texas' hottest trial lawyers, Bobby Mims currently hold the prestigious position of President of the Texas Criminal Defense Attorney's Association. He is also known for helping to secure political asylum in Brazil for Barry and Candi when it was needed.

Jeffrey Steinborn

Known for being charged with over one ton of marijuana and beating the case, Jeff Steinborn is one the nation's most famous drug lawyers. He serves as a NORML board member and is credited as lead counsel who helped NGB release Mr. Wilson after he served 15 years for marijuana seeds.

James R. Gill

James Gill is NeverGetBusted's lawyer. Known for successfully defending Barry when police retaliated by raiding his home and taking his Autistic son, Zack. After two years of grueling court battles, James Gill is credited with successfully defending seven charges and reuniting Zack with Barry.

Marc J. Victor

Possibly the best criminal defense lawyer in the nation, Marc Victor is known for being kicked off the bench as a judge for dismissing all drug cases. He is constantly a guest on numerous news channels who gives commentary relating to police and court abuse.

Jennifer Ani

Known as the best CPS lawyer on the planet, Jennifer Ani is recognized for her relentless and overwhelming court tactics she uses to re unite children with their parents. She was recently featured on CNN for her work.

Jonathan Jay Kirschner

Jay Kirschner is a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer practicing in South Florida since 1984. As a criminal trial specialist, he has tried all manner of criminal cases, from drug trafficking to DUI to First Degree Premeditated Murder. His interests include philately, crashing fast cars, and single malt scotch.

Sarah Swain

The Swain Law Office, based in Kansas, provides clients with zealous, dedicated, caring and hardworking criminal defense representation. They handle all types of criminal defense cases including sex crimes, drug offenses, self defense, traffic offenses, juvenile crimes, felonies and more.

NeverGetBusted Activist Spotlight

Marc Emery

Rightfully dubbed, ``The Prince of Pot,`` Marc Emery is the publisher of the famed Cannabis Culture Magazine and founder of many political freedom parties in Canada. Hearts were broken in 2005 when Marc was extradited to the US for selling marijuana seeds. After serving 5 years in federal prison, Marc was released in July 2014.

Jodie Emery

Like her husband, Marc, Jodie Emery is a renowned activist who co owns Cannabis Culture Magazine. While dealing with the heartbreak of her husband's unjust imprisonment, Jodie continued working on ending prohibition by appearing in hundreds of media interviews and remaining active in the Canadian political arenas.

Adam Kokesh

A former decorated veteran of the Iraq War, Adam Kokesh is now a passionate freedom activist who makes a compelling argument why all governments should be abolished. Adam is the owner and host of “Adam Vs. The Man,” and author of the ground shaking book, ``Freedom!`` He advocates nonviolent resistance to power and a new revolution that involves the orderly dissolution of the federal government.

Jeff Berwick

Anarchist, libertarian and freedom fighter, Jeff Berwick, is the host of the Anarchast and chief editor of The Dollar Vigilante.

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Arrested for a drug crime? Have a loved one in prison? We will examine any drug case for mistakes. Let Barry testify for you and against the police. Cops always make mistakes. We free prisoners and defendants.



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